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  • General
    • Code overhaul
      • Rewrite of the whole code with ES6 imports, the use of web-pack
      • Removal of the remaining code of the 2D version (20 000 lines of code removed)
      • Optimization of the camera (avoiding the preserveDrawingBuffer parameter which affects performance)
    • City map
      • 3D city map
      • Ability to move and zoom on the 3D map
      • New icons for accessible places
    • Nicknames and dialogues
      • Player pseudo and messages have been switched to 2D view (cleaner and more readable text)
      • Reduced number of generated textures
    • Full-screen mode
      • Button to switch to full screen/window at the top right of the page
      • Automatic switch to full screen at game launch
    • Panels at bottom right
      • Visual redesign of the panels
      • The "Objectives" panel appears by default in optimal size (without scrolling)
      • Improved rendering of the "Settings" panel
    • Phone
      • Search bar in the contact application
      • Enemy avatars are now displayed in red
    • Windows
      • Rounded search fields with a new appearance
      • Changed "close" and "enlarge" icons, animated enlarge button
    • Achievements
      • 11/18 unlockable achievements
    • Multiplayer actions
      • Cooked dishes appear correctly for all players
    • Objectives
      • 27 new objectives
  • Arcade
    • Roads game
      • Optimized gameplay (use of instances for land/hedges/roads/rivers), 3 times faster gameplay
    • Castle game
      • Score recording
      • Rewards (coins to collect)
  • Preparation of mobile applications
    • General
      • Viewport adapted to phones
    • Player camera
      • Taking into account the two-finger zoom (pinch)
      • FPS camera blocking if a mobile browser
  • Weather
    • Interface
      • Weather application in the phone
      • Instant update of the day of the week at game launch
      • Temperature display in the left bar
    • Clock
      • Game time runs 4x slower
      • Night time (accelerated 5x) now runs from 10pm to 6am (instead of 10pm to 4:30am)
    • Game
      • Snow, rain, fog, sun,
  • Non-player characters
    • Saving friendship progress with non-player characters
    • Give item" action with non-player characters
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