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  • General
    • Major update of the Panel class
    • Moderation tools
      • Tracking of connected users
      • Kick/mute/teleport on a player
      • Display of all easels and recording of the last user who drew
    • Correction of the edition of the colors of beds
    • Added sounds on mining / digging actions
    • Possibility to pick flowers (9 flowers)
    • 7 new objectives
  • Apartment edition​​​​​​​
    • Correction of the scroll bars of the object selector
    • Fixed door icons
  • Appearances
    • Face: surgical mask, 3 beards, and whiskers
    • Top: blouse
  • Sale
    • NPCs offering to buy items at the player
    • Joseph in front of the greenhouse offers to buy plants
    • Linus Quaternius in the laboratory offers to buy craft items
  • Website​​​​​​​
    • Updated the play button on the homepage and the first picture
    • Display of the 3D version information on the user profile
    • My Photos" page to be able to download phone photos
  • Arcade
    • Castle game​​​​​​​
      • First 5 levels
      • Skeletons enemies
    • Uno
      • Added animations when picking
      • Display of +2/+4 in red when they are active
      • Colors correction of the selector
      • Hardcore mode
  • Gallery
    • Resizable "easel" panel
    • Action "see all the paintings".
    • Possibility to buy a painting from the gallery in small or large size
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