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  • General
    • 5 new objectives (86)
  • Important bug fixes
    • Other players no longer become invisible after a micro-disconnection
    • Clickable areas of players are correctly removed in case of disconnection
    • The bug that gave an empty unclickable item in the inventory in some cases when the player was digging a pile
    • Fixed the use of fertilizers on all plants at the greenhouse (bugs reported by JodieDreams)
    • Various corrections on the "Paint" window (bugs reported by JodieDreams)
    • Back button in the skills tab (bug reported by FurWaz)
    • The icons of the paintings in the inventory are displayed in 2D with the size of the painting
  • "Ancient Items" pack
    • Unlocked with the skill "Treasure seeker" at max level
    • New items
      • Comtoise clock (with animation and sound)
      • Weaving loom
      • Dresser
      • Small chest of drawers
      • Two wooden boxes
      • Two shelves
      • Barrel
      • Two chests
      • Two round tables
      • Four chairs
      • Bedside table
      • Five tables (worn out wood, wood, nape, industrial table, wood, and metal table)
  • Laboratory
    • New objects
      • Two sci-fi boxes
      • Capsule
      • Chest
      • Two empty shelves
      • Two "teleporters"
      • Sci-fi statue
  • Market
    • Two stands (objects, furniture) with tables and napes, boxes, and furniture
    • Possibility to sell furniture or an object (depending on the stand), by setting a price
      • Minimum price set at half the value of the object
      • Free maximum price
      • Sales tax on each item sold
    • Possibility to buy furniture or objects from other players
      • The seller receives the money in case of purchase of his furniture or object
  • Phone
    • Management of the phone news from the administration
    • The phone news will finally be updated!
  • Fishing skill
    • Pontoon on the beach
  • Multiplayer games
    • Possibility to create private games not visible in the lists to play with certain people only
    • Invite" button, to invite friends or players who are in the area to play a game or private game
    • Display in blue of connected players (friends or in the same location), grey of not connected, and green of guests
    • Invitation request to join a game
  • Coupons
    • Temporary "market" coupon code to get a gift
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