Frequently asked questions

Who develops VirtualSociety?

VirtualSociety was created by Nicolas Gauville and developed by Nicolas and Jimmy Etienne. Today, we're a team of 6 forming the Cats and Foxes studio. To find out more, see the team page.

How does the multiplayer work?

In VirtualSociety, there are single player cities (stored on the player's device) and multiplayer cities. At the start of the game, you can connect to either a single player world or a multiplayer world. Several single-player and multi-player cities will be available by default, but players can also create their own world in the game!

How does world creation work?

World creation allows you to freely customize the landscape (height, type, rocks, trees, rivers), public buildings and private properties, as well as non-player characters. A player world can be single or multiplayer. For multiplayer cities, it is possible to restrict access to a group of friends, by invitation, by language, or to open it to all. The owner of the world can give different administration rights to other players, sell plots of land or objects to the players of his world, and manage his administration (taxes, municipal employees for the maintenance of the city, etc).

On which platforms will VirtualSociety be available ?

VirtualSociety will be available on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and later on virtual reality headsets. The basics of the game will remain the same, but the gameplay will differ according to the platform in order to ease the handling, and limit the camera movements on VR. Some features will not be available on mobile due to age restrictions, such as the City Casino.

In which languages will VirtualSociety be available?

At launch, VirtualSociety will be available in French and English. Other languages will be added later.

What is the minimum age required to play ?

We don't have a minimum age rating for the game yet, but we are targeting an audience of 13 years old or more.

Will my computer/phone/virtual reality headset run VirtualSociety?

We can't specify a specific minimum system requirement until the game is launched. Nevertheless, we are doing our best to make the game playable on as many devices as possible, with different rendering qualities to allow as many of you as possible to play. For virtual reality headsets, we are currently testing the game on a Meta Quest 2.