VirtualSociety is a social and creative sandbox game

Create your own world

Create your own world

From decorating your house to building an entire city, everything is customizable!

Alone or with friends

Alone or with friends

Create and join worlds locally or on a public or private server, you choose.

Great adventures

Great adventures

Skateboarding, cooking, water gun or space travel, great adventures await you!

An avatar that suits you

An avatar that suits you

Morphologies, genders, skin colors, disabilities or clothing style, everything is possible.

Bring your stories to life

Bring your stories to life

Write your own quests, characters and dialogues to bring your world to life.

Explore our worlds

Explore our worlds

Journey through the portals from fantasy to contemporary worlds.

VirtualSociety is a multiplayer sandbox game, where players can meet, socialize, and create together. Realized in a gorgeous hand-painted art style, the cozy world of VirtualSociety offers players a welcoming space to unwind and hang out. Let your imagination run wild as you customize your world alone or with friends.

Developed with neuro-atypical people in mind, VirtualSociety has been designed to help players overcome loneliness while becoming comfortable with daily routines.
The development team has collaborated with research laboratories and psychologists to create a game experience that has genuine health benefits to players of all backgrounds and cultures.

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Positive and friendly interactions

Loneliness is a real social problem that social networks don't address. By promoting positive interaction and kindness, we want to help break the vicious circle of isolation and loneliness.

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An inclusive world

We want as many people as possible to be able to play without difficulty and feel comfortable in our multiplayer worlds. VirtualSociety is designed so that everyone can be themselves without fear or problems.

Ungendered characters

VirtualSociety characters are non-gendered, and allow to choose different morphologies without any gender notion.

Morphology and skin tone

The appearance editor allows you to freely choose the morphology and skin tone of your avatar in order to create a character that matches your image (or not). The same goes for eye color and heterochromia.

Mobility difficulties

Characters can be in wheelchairs, on crutches, or using a cane. This experience allows us to better represent the diversity of individuals, as well as to make players aware of the difficulties that it can involve.

Dealing with dyslexia

VirtualSociety offers accessibility features to adapt the game with a font that makes reading easier for people with dyslexia, as well as color choices and contrasts that make reading in-game easier.

Adjustments suited to dyschromatopsia

The colors of the interface adapt to simplify the game for people with dyschromatopsia (color blindness).

An inclusive world

Diversity is present everywhere in our world, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to represent their specificities. We also make sure that the game is as accessible as possible, with typography for dyslexics and color settings for color blind people.

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Educational and fun

The VirtualSociety project was created by two PhDs (Jimmy and Nicolas) and a PhD student (Clélie) in computer science, who have previous experiences in education, dissemination and scientific mediation.

Education is important to us

Education is part of our values, and our experience in the domain helps us design a game that is both fun and educational to make learning fun for our players.

We want to share the knowledge

After several years in research and education, pursuing these fields through video games is an essential goal for us. Beyond the game itself, we regularly take part in scientific mediation events. In particular, we participate in the "Féru des sciences" to introduce young people to the code and the backstage of video game studios.

Education goes hand in hand with creativity and social

VirtualSociety is designed to be creative and promote positive and caring social interactions. We are strongly convinced that being creative, communicating and helping each other are essential elements to make playing an enriching and useful activity.

Educational and fun

Learning is always easier when you have fun. Our creative tools and interactive worlds within VirtualSociety are both educational and fun.

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A safe place for everyone

VirtualSociety is a game open to all, in which all profiles are welcome. We are aware that the youngest ones need special attention in order to guarantee them a safe and caring place.

Protected interactions

Leaving a child socializing with strangers online is dangerous. To prevent this situation, the accounts of players under the age of 16 are limited to a set of predefined interactions, and are not allowed to engage in direct dialogue (text or voice messages) with unknown players. These measures prevent unsafe or inappropriate social interaction and effectively protect younger players while providing a safe and rewarding social experience.

Carefully selected content

Content (items, characters, and worlds) is carefully checked to ensure that younger players are never exposed to sensitive or inappropriate content, and to promote the worlds and stories that they will enjoy most.

Controlled screen time

Aware that screen time is an increasing problem in our society, VirtualSociety warns players when the time spent playing becomes significant. In addition, the accounts of underage players are equipped with parental control options to allow parents to supervise their children's activity, by limiting the amount of time they can play, and by requiring a parent's approval for any in-game chat or friendship request.

A safe place for everyone

Protecting kids is a fundamental issue. VirtualSociety is designed to protect them from inappropriate contacts or interactions.

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nft free
Cryptocurrency free

Over the last few years, many games, often called metavers, have emerged that focus on cryptocurrencies and NFTs. These sales spaces generally propose to buy virtual lands or objects to own a part of the world they create.
This is the opposite of what we want to provide for many reasons.

A game, not a marketplace

Our goal is to create a game with an enjoyable creative and social experience. For us, video games are an art class with infinite possibilities. We are concerned about the direction that most so-called metaverse games are taking, as they are essentially money-making tools, built by financiers who are not really interested in the experience they are offering to their players.

We therefore refuse to include any cryptocurrency or to offer NFTs in our games, because our main objective remains to entertain, in no way to sell land or virtual objects in a world where everything can be bought.

Blockchain does not give control back to users

Many supporters of blockchain claim that it gives back control to users, with a decentralized and open system. We believe that, on the contrary, this poses many problems.

Indeed, if the blockchain is decentralized, the functioning of these games will necessarily remain centralized (servers, need for moderation, etc.). Of course, their cryptocurrencies and NFTs exist in an open way outside their game, but this is not an additional security or a gain for the players:

  • The collapse or removal of the game will render the relevant NFTs worthless.
  • In case of theft, even the administrators and founders of the game will not be able to do anything to help the robbed player
  • In case of loss of credentials, again, no one will be able to help a player find his wallet

We therefore commit ourselves not to include NFTs or cryptocurrencies in our games.

Cryptocurrency free

Our goal is to entertain in a positive way, not to create a platform where everything is for sale and cryptocurrencies are central. VirtualSociety will never run on cryptocurrency.

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An indie game studio

After completing our Ph.D.'s, we decided to create a video game studio for many reasons:

  • We are passionate about the creation of video games, especially because it is a world where technical and artistic aspects come together.
  • We want to create something new and different, where social experience and creativity are at the heart of our projects
  • We want to offer high quality experiences, which are not poisoned by advertising, addiction issues, etc.
  • We believe that games can be fun, educational and a positive activity.
Keeping control of our creations

Being an independent studio is for us a guarantee to remain in control of our projects, and thus not to fall under the supervision of an organization more interested in revenues than in the experience offered to players.

Not getting corrupted by advertising and the hunt for addiction

Positive entertainment is our priority. By remaining independent, we avoid any risk of losing control of our creations, and especially of the positive experience we wish to offer.

Remaining independent

Creating video games is an expensive activity. Indeed, many different professions are needed: developers, graphic designers, 3D modeling, character animation, musicians, etc. To continue to develop games independently, we rely heavily on fundraising on Patreon.
Your help is priceless!

An indie game studio

Keeping control of our creations, but also of our values is essential for us, and this is why we want to remain independent.

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