Please note that the acceptance and application of the TOS is mandatory to use VirtualSociety. By accepting the TOS, you acknowledge that you are at least 13 years old and that you agree to abide by the rules indicated during the game. In case you do not agree with the rules, stop using the application.


VirtualSociety Online is available on the internet via the website virtualsociety.co. No other address or site allows access to the game. In order to play VirtualSociety Online, you must also have an account on our site. The creation of an account is free of charge, but requires the acceptance of these T&Cs. You are responsible for the costs of the internet connection to access the game.

VirtualSociety will be available on several stores depending on the platform.


Registration is necessary to play VirtualSociety. To create an account, you must be a natural person of at least thirteen years old. Any account created remains the property of VirtualSociety, you are only the holder of an account, this one allowing you to authenticate you to reach the game, moreover, the information declared during the creation of your account must be exact.

Your username and password allow you to access your account, keep your password secret and change it if a third party has come to know it.

Profile information must be accurate. For some of them, it is not obligatory to indicate the requested information; in this case, you are required to fill in the correct information or to leave the field empty, but in no case use a false information.

The choice of a nickname is subject to certain conditions: it must not refer to a political orientation, a community, or a religion, be vulgar or insulting, have a pornographic or sexual connotation, resemble, correspond or imitate the name of a registered trademark, refer to a product prohibited by law, resemble, correspond or imitate the name of an administrator or member of the VirtualSociety team. Your nickname must also be pronounceable.


VirtualSociety prohibits trading, sharing, selling or giving away user accounts, under penalty of deletion of the account(s) in question. You are obliged to keep your password confidential, and to change it if a third person has come to know it.

The email address you provide must belong to you. It is thus forbidden to use the email address of a third person or to resort to the use of disposable emails. Any account created with a disposable email address can be deleted from the network without notice.

VirtualSociety is not responsible for your account and the information contained in it. In case of alteration, deletion, theft, or other damage to your account, VirtualSociety cannot be held responsible.
You acknowledge that you are responsible for all actions taken from your account.


For every registration on VirtualSociety, we collect the following data:

  • Username
  • Email address

By login with Facebook, the pseudo is defined with the first and last name, and we also store the Facebook profile ID to be able to link the Facebook account to the VirtualSociety account.

We do not make any commercial use of your data. Your email address is only used to identify you.

To delete your personal data, send an email to contact [at] virtualsociety.co and ask for the deletion of your data from the email address linked to your account. The deletion will be done within 72 hours.


We rely on your common sense to understand that good user conduct is paramount in the game. Thus, you are asked to be polite, not to be abusive and not to denigrate other players.

If a player's behavior is deemed by one of the moderators to be in violation of the rules of conduct, or if it prevents other users from having a good experience in the game, the player causing the problem may be excluded from the game without notice.

In order to avoid any problems, players who have caused several problems may be banned temporarily (their character will be blocked in the prison zone for a while), or permanently.

In general, we can summarize the rules of conduct as follows:

  • You are required not to make any abusive, racist, offensive, shocking, discriminatory or contrary to the law.
  • You must not abuse the features to spam or harass one or more other players.


Your use of VirtualSociety is limited by the following set of rules:

  • You must not use the service in a way that could be illegal.
  • The use of third party programs such as bots, or the modification of information received and sent by the customer is strictly forbidden.


In the case of non-compliance with the rules of use or the rules of conduct, several sanctions may be applied:

  • Warning: a user who has received a warning may continue to play, but the moderators will be informed and thus likely to be more severe in the event of a repeat offence.
  • Jailing: A user who has been jailed may not use the game completely for a period of time determined by the moderator.
  • Account deletion: In case of serious misconduct, a user's account can be deleted completely and permanently from the game. The player will be asked not to use VirtualSociety anymore.


The content of the game is the property of VirtualSociety. As a player, you have the possibility to access the content and to customize a part of it. However, you are not allowed to distribute it elsewhere or to modify it by other means than those offered by VirtualSociety.


The information you provide in VirtualSociety can be reused for statistical purposes or for various verifications (in terms of security for instance). VirtualSociety also reserves the right to collect certain information while you play, including your IP address, game time and exchanges with other players via VirtualSociety.


These terms of use may be changed at any time. In the following case, a message will inform you of these changes at your first login following these changes. Note that the acceptance of the General Conditions of Use is mandatory. In case of disagreement, you are asked not to use VirtualSociety.


Please note that none of the services offered by VirtualSociety are guaranteed in any way. VirtualSociety reserves the right to cut off the access to the services it offers or to a part of them without prior notice. This also includes all the paid features of the game: the fact of acquiring access to them does not offer you any guarantee on the accessibility of these.