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A new beginning awaits you in VirtualCity !

Come and visit the city and meet other players, chat over a coffee or a mojito. Who knows, it might even lead to a love story!
Don't be afraid to tell a joke or whatever you want to say, as long as you don't show off your science, there's little chance of being taken for a snob.
If you're tired of renting your studio, save up and buy an apartment, a television, a piano or anything else you want.
If you want to be entertained or win some money, why not try your luck at the casino or play some arcade games.


Virtualsociety is an independent game!
We started our journey more than ten years ago, when Nico was just a kid, dreaming about creating is own world. During 9 years, Nico developed the first 2D versions of the game. Then, a year ago, Jimmy joins. He started helping Nico, but he prefers 3D to 2D. After weeks of complaining, they totally rebuilt the game in 3D !
A whole new world was now at our fingertips, so we start creating this new world.
For now, there is only us two, Nico and Jimmy, we are PhD students almost at the end of our thesis and are looking to find a way be able to work on full time on VirtualSociety instead of just in our free time. We hope you can join us in this journey, and be able to support us for the future.

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Fully customizable content

fully customizable content

Build your rooms by adjusting the floors and walls to your taste without a grid. You can change the colors of all the objects, resize, stack and rotate them as you like! You can even use your photos and paintings to create objects!


plenty of games to discover with your friends

VirtualCity has many games to offer such as Roads, Castle, or Crushed, and many of them can be played with more than one player, such as Uno and Bombs in the Arcade, cook chief in the restaurants, or SuperQuiz in the TV Studio!

Dozens of skills to discover

dozens of skills to discover

Treasure hunting, crafting, science, piano, cooking, writing or programming, dozens of skills and objectives are waiting for you in VirtualCity, enough to make a career and to build your own little piece of paradise!