Our story VirtualSociety VS Online
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  • Mobile application
    • First try for a mobile app
      • First android version of VirtualSociety (.apk)
    • Experimentations (performances)
      • Expérimentations in order to make native PC/Mac/iOS/Android apps
      • Various optimisations
  • Game and website
    • Translations
      • Langage selector on the top right of the website
      • Translation system for the game and the website
  • Flat editor
    • Walls
      • Edit walls are now displayed and updated in real time
      • Instant update for the doors and windows holes in the walls
    • Objects
      • Ability to edit the width, height and size of various objects
      • 2D pointers for the editor
  • Outfits
    • 5 news shoes
      • Mocassins
      • Boots
      • Sport shoes
      • Slippers
      • Small boots
    • Possibility to place the shoe sets in an apartment as objects
  • Weather
    • Impact of weather in characters mood
      • Possibility of getting sick if the clothes are too light and the temperature low / it's snowing or raining
      • Possibility of getting hot if the temperature is high and the clothes are too hot
      • Some clothing provides protection from both sun and rain (hats)
    • New object : Fan
    • New feelings
      • Too hot (negative, if inadapted clothes)
      • Too cold (negative, if inadapted clothes)
      • Cold (negative, if too cold during a long time)
      • Heat stroke (negative, if too hot for too long)
      • Snow (if it is snowing, outside, with appropriate clothing)
      • Warming up (if it is cold outside and a fireplace is lit or radiators are present)
      • Cooling (if it is hot outside and an air conditioner is on nearby)
  • Craft
    • Laboratory
      • New lightning effect when using the ray
      • Ability to transform GasCan in plastic
    • New personalized objects
      • Objects made with the ray, on which you can paint
      • Round board
      • Square board
      • Assembled boards
      • Paravent
  • General
    • Bux fix
      • Painted Easter eggs are displayed correctly (no more vertical inversion)
      • The color editor no longer shifts the sliders vertically!
    • Achievements
      • 15/18 achievements unlokables
    • Outfits
      • Possibility to pre-define several outfits
      • One click outfit change (on your character)
      • Impact of the outfits on the temperature, the style of the player
  • Flats
    • Real Estate Agencey
      • New location "Real Estate Agency"
  • Arcade
    • New game "Dance Paradise"
      • Arcade rhythm game
      • More than 50 tracks to play in different difficulties
      • Possibility to note titles in favorites
      • Saving of scores, display of friends' scores
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L'app ?! ouiii ! ♥
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