Our story VirtualSociety VS Online
Version 1.1.2 photo 1 Version 1.1.2 photo 2 Version 1.1.2 photo 3


  • Framework
    • ThreeJS update (r141)
    • Update of ThreeCSG
    • Update of Three-Pathfinding
    • Fix ZBuffer on Chrome (32 bits)
  • Social Games" event
    • Special event with friends
    • Bombs
      • New bonus: bear traps
      • New bonus: bomb lines
    • SuperQuiz
      • New questions
      • Optimized score display
    • Cooking profession
      • Possibility to take an ingredient while holding a plate
    • Leaderboard displayed in the arcade and in front of the town hall
  • FPS view
    • Improved movement: sliding when facing an obstacle
    • Keyboard and mouse sensitivity controls in the settings panel (bottom right)
    • Reduction of the inertia of the movements
    • Corrected the centering of the view on the player when leaving the FPS mode
  • Proximity chat
    • Possibility to activate the voice proximity chat from the bottom bar
    • Push-to-talk mode
    • Ability to mute users
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