Our story VirtualSociety VS Online
Version 1.0.2 photo 1 Version 1.0.2 photo 2 Version 1.0.2 photo 3 Version 1.0.2 photo 4 Version 1.0.2 photo 5


  • General
    • Fifteen new goals (seventy-five)
    • Using the toilet:
      • Animation to raise/lower the toilet seat
      • Flush sound
    • Display of required ingredients when a recipe is unavailable
  • Website
    • Connection with Twitch
    • General design change (white)
    • A new forum with categories
    • Added Bbcode in the forum posts
  • Apartment editor
    • Update of walls when moving doors
    • Some items need to fulfill conditions to buy them (skill, event, pack)
    • Possibility to sort items by the pack
    • Added categories lamps and novelties
  • Lamps
    • Actions: "Turn on the lamp", "Choose the color", "Turn off the lamp
    • Dynamic lighting: ambient light in low quality, point-light/spotLight in medium and high quality (+ shadows in high)
    • Chimney
  • Curtains
    • Open / close curtains action
  • Appearance editor
    • Three new T-shirts (VirtualSociety logo), for those who buy them on Utip
  • Arcade
    • Hardcore mode
    • Say uno / counter-uno
  • Jobs and objectives​​​​​​​
    • Day of the week display
    • Seven daily objectives, with a gift if all seven are completed
  • Vases and flowers​​​​​​​
    • Ability to add a flower in a vase and remove it
  • New items​​​​​​​
    • Three-night tables
    • One refrigerator
    • One washing machine
    • Two doors
    • Two teddy bears cub (for the Valentine's Day event)
    • One bathroom cabinet
    • One chest of drawers
    • One sofa Two vases
    • Six new lamps (three-floor lamps, three bedside lamps)
    • Four new curtains
    • One new chimney
  • Resources
    • New objects in the piles of earth and sand: burnt match, match, a box of matches, damaged preserves, old canned, flashlight, bidon, battery, great battery, hunting knife
    • Action "light a fire" with wood fire
  • Television studio​​​​​​​
    • The new building "TV studio".
    • First multiplayer game: "SuperQuizz
  • Sushi bar​​​​​​​
    • Sushi bar location (the restaurant will be added in version 1.0.3)
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