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#37 Objets de Noel, et nouveau départ pour l'UI

#37 Christmas Objects and a Fresh Start for the UI

Hi folks! This week, it s Jimmy summarizing our progress! This week, Mélissa brought a festive touch to VirtualSociety by starting to work on Christmas objects. She designed decorations and accessor..
5 months ago


#36 Réunions, ailes de cristal et UI

#36 Meetings, Crystal Wings and UI improvements

Hi folks! This week, Nico is here to update you on our progress. Today, we're finally giving you a sneak peek at Paul's work in images, featuring an initial draft of characters that can grow and sh..
5 months ago


#35 De beaux visuels et de beaux outils !

#35 Beautiful visuals and beautiful tools!

On the menu: A brand-new tool for walls, improvements to the editor, new visuals, and a character that is nearing completion!
5 months ago


#34 Café en préparation et intégration progressive des nouveautés dans le jeu

#34 Coffee in preparation and gradual integration of new features into the game

Hello everyone! It's Clélie here to give you a summary of the studio's week! This week, Mélissa completed the creation of the assets for the child's room. You can admire one of the renders on the ho..
5 months ago


#33 Des personnages qui grossissent et une chambre bientôt terminée !

#33 Characters Getting Larger and a cute bedroom

Hi folks, today it's Melissa taking care of the weekly update! This week, we resumed work on Running Guys (our 2D chase game), made progress on characters, the user interface, and in-game objects!
6 months ago


#32 Joyeux Halloween !

#32 Happy Halloween!

Hi folks! This week, Chloé is here to tell you what's been happening in the studio!
6 months ago


#31 Bientôt Halloween, et des avancées côté santé

#31 Halloween is coming soon, and progress on the health front

Hello team! This week, Chloé and Mélissa have been preparing for Halloween, while Clélie, Nico, and Jimmy have been working on the uses of VirtualSociety for health. We'll tell you all about it!
6 months ago


#30 L'équipe réunie, et des formations

#30 The Team Reunited, and Training Sessions

Hi folks! This week, it's Nico sharing the updates. Once again, we all gathered in Nancy, where we had the opportunity to present our project at Cap sur le Peel, attended training sessions at Eurate..
7 months ago


#29 Une chambre qui se remplit !

#29 A room getting filled up !

Hello team! Today, it's me, Paul, who will summarize the progress of the last two weeks for you, and there are things to talk about!
7 months ago


#28 personalisation et refonte visuelle

#28 Personalization and Visual Redesign

Hello team! I'm Melissa, and this week I'm taking care of the weekly review. We're reaching a new milestone in the graphic overhaul of VirtualSociety.
8 months ago


#27 Un nouveau logo pour une nouvelle vie !

#27 It's a new logo, it's a new life

Hi folks! Today, it's me, Chloé, who will provide the details of what we've accomplished this week! There's quite a bit to cover, so here's a brief summary!
8 months ago


#26 Des fleurs et un personnage qui commence à bouger

#26 Flowers and a Moving Character

Hi folks! Today, Nico is here to tell you about our week. We all continued to make progress in our respective domains, and we will be reunited in Nancy again next week!
8 months ago


#25 Décors extérieur, personnages et édition multi

#25 Environment props, character and tools

The character just got the green light, new assets are in, more advanced settings for objects, and the groundwork for multiplayer editing is in the works
9 months ago


#24 Des lits, des personnages, et du multijoueur !

#24 Beds, characters, and multiplayer !

In this week's review: Beds, characters, walls, and a well-crafted game design document! Oh, and some multiplayer despite a few glitches.
9 months ago


#23 L'arrivée de Mélissa

#23 Melissa's Arrival

Hi folks! I am Mélissa, and I work on the artistic direction and environment of VirtualSociety. I am delighted to share my feelings about last week with you. I am often in Bordeaux, and a few days a..
9 months ago


Revue de la semaine #22

Weekly review #22

Hi folks! This week has been a bit special because the whole team gathered in Nancy! It allowed us to make progress on many fronts and finally meet each other in person.
9 months ago


Revue de la semaine #21

Weekly review #21

Hey folks ! This week, we've been working on the game's art direction, as well as multiplayer and quest/dialogue editing. Let's tell you all about it!
10 months ago


Revue de la semaine #20

Weekly review #20

Hey folks! After a few weeks of being less consistent with our weekly reviews (we were busy preparing various funding applications, which didn't provide much interesting content to share), we have s..
10 months ago


Revue de la semaine #19

Weekly review #19

Hello team! This week, we've been able to complete two funding applications, and get back to game development! On this week's agenda: upcoming recruitments and world editing.
11 months ago


Revue de la semaine #18

Weekly review #18

Hey folks! After weeks filled with events (starting with F101 in Lyon, then the Indie Game Night in Strasbourg, followed by the SpringCamp in Lyon again), we are now moving on to the "Foire Expo de..
11 months ago


Revue de la semaine #17

Weekly review #17

Hi folks! These last few weeks have been very busy for us, with the F101 program in Lyon, followed by a lot of meetings, then the Indie Game Night in Strasbourg, and finally the Inria Startup Studi..
11 months ago


Revue de la semaine #16

Weekly review #16

Hi team! This week, we ordered goodies for our upcoming events, prepared the Indie Game Night for this Friday, and updated our website! New business cards, a roll-up banner, t-shirts, and a brand n..
1 year ago


Revue de la semaine #15

Weekly review #15

Hey folks! After a busy week in Lyon with last week's F101 training, we were able to resume development and contacts in this slightly shorter week (with a public holiday on Monday). On the agenda:..
1 year ago


Revue de la semaine #14

Weekly review #14

Hi folks! This week, we went to Lyon to attend the F101 training program offered by Inria StartupStudio at EMLyon Business School. Over five busy days, we received different training on entrepreneu..
1 year ago


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