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#28 personalisation et refonte visuelle
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#28 Personalization and Visual Redesign

Hello team! I'm Melissa, and this week I'm taking care of the weekly review.

Your Experience: Our Mission!

We're reaching a new milestone in the graphic overhaul of VirtualSociety. This week, Chloé and Clélie have started working on the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). Clélie is in charge of the UX part, which involves creating an accessible and user-friendly interface. To achieve this, she has created diagrams to propose an ergonomic UX for object customization and the main menu. Nico will then take these diagrams and implement them in the game for testing. Chloé has started brainstorming on the graphic aspect, creating mood boards to offer a pleasant and practical UI in line with the game's artistic direction.

Sturdy Walls: They're Back!

Now, let's move on to Jimmy. This week, he continued his work on wall customization, and it's looking fantastic. The goal is to give you as much freedom as possible when it comes to creation. You'll be able to manage wall corners (rounded, triangular, flat, etc.), create stair ramps, or even modify thickness on different sides. This configuration will allow you to build castles, whimsical houses, or anything that comes to mind.

Express Your Personality!

Now, onto our beloved character. Paul is working tirelessly to offer you a completely customizable character. This week, he focused on a new version that allows for more deformations.

To All Those Who Support Us!

Chloé is handling the graphic overhaul of our Patreon. To achieve this, she has created a new typography in line with VirtualSociety's artistic direction, which she has used to modify various titles and icons. Her goal is to create appealing visuals to provide you with the best possible experience. Nico took care of integrating the new logo everywhere, and soon, all our sites will be refreshed with the new artistic direction.

A New Banner!

As for me, I've worked on a new banner for the VirtualSociety website. I used in-game objects to create an outdoor environment. It was a pleasure to play with colors and customization. My aim is to provide you with a maximum of visuals to give you a sneak peek of the game's graphics.

Thank you for your support, and see you next week!

Image Written by Melissa Argueil on 09/22/2023

I like music, reading, cinema and video games. What I prefer in video games are the environments (especially in 3D) which, combined with good music and pretty lights, can transmit strong emotions. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree as Head of graphic and visual creation and production and passionate about 3D environment, I put my skills at the service of VirtualSociety's artistic direction

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