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#29 Une chambre qui se remplit !
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#29 A room getting filled up !

Hi folks! Today, it's me, Paul, who will summarize the progress of the last two weeks for you, and there are things to talk about!

Is it a plane? A bird? No, it's a wall!

Jimmy has been breaking walls with his head for a while now (or breaking his head over making walls, I'm not sure anymore), but the wall system is now taking on a whole new dimension! It will also allow us to create extremely customizable hedges, using the same tools and options as our beautiful walls! It's not an easy task, but I believe in him!

At the same time, Nico is greatly improving the game editor! Several issues have been fixed, and improvements have been made, making it much more enjoyable to use, with the bonus of adding some new features!

Beds, beds, and... the entire bedroom!?

Mélissa is stepping up her game in object design and has modeled lots of objects for a bedroom! Many items have been added, such as lamps, bean bags, (all fluffy) and shelves (less fluffy)! And of course, like other game objects, these can be customized as you wish to create beautiful rooms that reflect your style!

Buttons, yes! But which ones?

Chloé and Clélie, with Mélissa's help, have been working on finding better interfaces for the game than what is currently being used. In summary: although it's not an easy task, there are many ideas, good ideas, and especially a lot of changes to make haha, but it's for the better!

They're helping us, and we're thankful!

I would like (and not just me!) to take this weekly review opportunity to thank the Grand Est region for supporting us and believing in this project! They have provided us with significant financial assistance that will aid in the development and realization of this game, so a big thank you to them!

Thank you for your support, and see you next week!

Image Written by Paul Loisil on 10/5/2023

Little wild fox, in charge of character design for Virtual Society while waiting to tinker with its code xP.

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