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#31 Bientôt Halloween, et des avancées côté santé
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#31 Halloween is coming soon, and progress on the health front

Hello team! This week, Chloé and Mélissa have been preparing for Halloween, while Clélie, Nico, and Jimmy have been working on the uses of VirtualSociety for health. We'll tell you all about it!

Halloween preparations 

Mélissa has modeled an entire Halloween scene, which gave us a beautiful wallpaper that you can find on Patreon! To go along with that, Chloé has revamped the logo, adding a spooky touch.

The game for health

As displayed on our website for a long time, VirtualSociety, in addition to being fun, is intended to be helpful, and we have a whole program for health and assistance. Indeed, we are committed to providing experiences that will be beneficial to various audiences. Nico and I have been working extensively on how to make a game and a health application coexist without making our explanations incomprehensible. Clélie, on the other hand, has been doing research and reading to fuel our health experiences.

This week, we met with the director of a health laboratory, and we are trying to create a partnership with them to evaluate our experiences.

The body of your dreams

Paul is starting to create morph targets, deformations that will allow us to create diverse characters. Tall, big, small, thin, with a square jaw or very androgynous, the goal is to have maximum control.

Thank you for your support, and see you next week!

Image Written by Jimmy Etienne on 10/27/2023

Co-founder of VirtualSociety, PhD in Computer Science
I'm quite curious by nature, and I like pretty much everything, except spiders, heights, confined spaces... Well, I don't like everything, but programming, singing (mostly in the shower), and taking walks, those I definitely love. In the team, I handle development, UX, and also the financial aspects.

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