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#33 Des personnages qui grossissent et une chambre bientôt terminée !
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#33 Characters Getting Larger and a cute bedroom

Hello team, today Melissa is taking care of the weekly update!

Game Design for Running Guys

This week, we resumed work on Running Guys (our 2D chase game) with Clélie brainstorming different game maps to offer various variations in both gameplay and visuals.

The Biggest Challenges Are Behind Us

Paul continued his dedicated work on character design, focusing on various 'morph targets' that will allow players to customize the morphologies of their characters during the creation process.

Meetings and Gatherings

This week was filled with meetings and gatherings for Nicolas and Jimmy. They had several follow-up meetings with their incubators and are working on securing funding for the studio, ensuring we all have enough to eat next year. Nico updated the website to include a captcha and started integrating Chloe's new interface into the game.

On my end, I've nearly finished crafting the child's bedroom, hoping you'll like it! We also met Julien, who will be able to assist us with communication and concept art early next year.

Excited to show you more about VirtualSocieteam, and see you very soon!

Image Written by Melissa Argueil on 11/17/2023

I like music, reading, cinema and video games. What I prefer in video games are the environments (especially in 3D) which, combined with good music and pretty lights, can transmit strong emotions. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree as Head of graphic and visual creation and production and passionate about 3D environment, I put my skills at the service of VirtualSociety's artistic direction

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