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On participe à l'émission "Le Saviez vous ?" sur France 3 !

We are part of the show "Le Saviez vous ?" on France 3 !

Shortly after defending our theses, Nico was contacted by the French TV channel France 3, who offered us to participate in their show Le Saviez-vous ? We were obviously not going to miss such a grea..
1 year ago


Revue de la semaine #2

Weekly review #2

Hi! After many weeks focused on code, we have, for once, spent very little time on C++ this week. On the agenda: object modeling, meetings about privacy and updating the website.
1 year ago


Promouvoir les interactions sociales et la bienveillance

Promote social interaction and caring

Promoting positive social interactions is at the heart of our project. In this article, we will detail why we care about this, and how we hope to positively influence the interactions within our gam..
1 year ago


Revue de la semaine #1

Weekly review #1

In this first weekly review, we'll talk about main city and architecture, network and multiplayer, as well as our new roadmap!
1 year ago


L'aventure commence enfin !

The journey finally begins

For many years, we have been developing video games in our spare time. Since the VirtualSociety project, our goal is to work full-time on the project in order to create the game we dreamed of. Since..
1 year ago


Passage à UnrealEngine

Switch to Unreal Engine

The next VirtualSociety will be developed with Unreal Engine!
2 years ago


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