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1 an à Inria Startup Studio - rétrospective

One Year at Inria Startup Studio - Retrospective

Hello! We completed our year at Inria Startup Studio about ten days ago. This departure signifies a lot for our project: we are no longer funded and supported by Inria, we are about to create our co..
21 days ago


#30 L'équipe réunie, et des formations

#30 The Team Reunited, and Training Sessions

Hi folks! This week, it's Nico sharing the updates. Once again, we all gathered in Nancy, where we had the opportunity to present our project at Cap sur le Peel, attended training sessions at Eurate..
1 month ago


Patreon only post

Our new logo

Hi folks! It's been a while now that the old team, consisting only of Jimmy, Nico, and Clélie, has been thinking about refreshing the game's image. Indeed, without graphic designers, it's challengin..
2 months ago


Patreon only post

Art Direction: Customizable "Hand-Painted" Effect!

Hi folks! When I joined the VirtualSociety team, one of my first tasks was to redefine the game's art direction. Today, I'm going to show you how I arrived at the current art direction.
2 months ago


Vandoeuvre in game : rétrospective

Vandoeuvre in game: a retrospective

Hi folks! This weekend, we hosted a booth at the Vandoeuvre in Game fair, featuring a program that included multiplayer testing of VirtualSociety, a behind-the-scenes presentation of the studio with..
2 months ago


Notre entrée à l'ISS #2 La vie à Inria

Our arrival at the ISS #2 Life at Inria

After our article about joining the Inria Startup Studio, we're continuing the series on our workplace by talking about the people around us at Inria! And with all that, here are some group photos f..
4 months ago


Patreon only post

Dev diary : about snapping

In the past few weeks, we have showcased several demos of our editor, featuring intelligent snapping functions and helpful information displayed throughout the creation process to assist players by..
6 months ago


Patreon only post

Dev Diary: curved walls

Having curved walls is essential for a building game these days. A few years back, we already offered tools to create rounded floors and walls in VirtualSociety Online. And this time, we decided to..
7 months ago


Pourquoi nous avons choisi Unreal Engine

Why we chose Unreal Engine

Today we're going to talk about the game engine we use, Unreal Engine, and why we chose it. Back in the days of VirtualSociety Online, we made the choice not to use a game engine. VirtualSociety onl..
8 months ago


Notre entrée à l'ISS #1 Le déménagement

Our arrival at the ISS #1 Moving in

Today, we're not going to talk about development, but about our work environment. If you like this kind of post, we'll probably do other articles to tell you about our days and our workplace.
9 months ago


On vulgarise le jeu vidéo !

We vulgarize videogames!

Hi folks! As we previously announced, this week we were at the Féru des sciences for a two days event about video games. The Féru des sciences, former museum of iron history, is now a scientific and..
9 months ago


On participe à l'émission "Le Saviez vous ?" sur France 3 !

We are part of the show "Le Saviez vous ?" on France 3 !

Shortly after defending our theses, Nico was contacted by the French TV channel France 3, who offered us to participate in their show Le Saviez-vous ? We were obviously not going to miss such a grea..
10 months ago


Promouvoir les interactions sociales et la bienveillance

Promote social interaction and caring

Promoting positive social interactions is at the heart of our project. In this article, we will detail why we care about this, and how we hope to positively influence the interactions within our gam..
10 months ago


L'aventure commence enfin !

The journey finally begins

For many years, we have been developing video games in our spare time. Since the VirtualSociety project, our goal is to work full-time on the project in order to create the game we dreamed of. Since..
11 months ago


Passage à UnrealEngine

Switch to Unreal Engine

The next VirtualSociety will be developed with Unreal Engine!
1 year ago