Our story VirtualSociety VS Online
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The new version of VirtualSociety, reinvented from scratch and developed with Unreal Engine. The browser version (VirtualSociety Online) remains available separately. The gameplay, graphics, story, and city will be completely redesigned in this new version.


  • Main menu
    • Character and world selection
    • Access to game settings
  • Asynchronous asset loading screen
  • Appearance editor
    • Character size editing
    • Overall character weight
    • Customization of clothes
      • Colors of different parts of clothes
      • Pattern colors
      • Pattern size
      • 4 types of patterns 
  • Interactions
    • Interaction menu
      • Interaction menu when an object is in range
      • Circular menu (similar to VirtualSociety Online) for action selection
    • Basic interactions (turn on a lamp, etc.)
  • Phone menu
    • Animation of the phone
    • Phone app selection based on cursor movements
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