Nico always dreamed of creating a multiplayer adventure and life simulation game, where players could create their own world, develop a society according to their own rules and live there with friends. For 9 years, Nico developed a 2D browser-based version of his project alone.

During the first confinement, Jimmy joined him, and convinced him to start again his project in 3D, and after a year and a half of efforts, VirtualSociety Online was ready! This version was the result of many constraints in order to make a free and accessible game on browser. The graphics have been simplified to the maximum in order to make a game which weight hardly reached 16 Mb !

After the VirtualSociety online adventure, we learned a lot from the creation of the game and the feedback from our players. The non-generic characters and different dynamics of the game were appreciated, but several requests came up regularly: more realistic characters, and especially a phone and virtual reality version of the game.

We realized that the technologies we used to make a browser-based game (ThreeJS and Typescript) worked relatively poorly on phones and virtual reality headsets, and we were frustrated by all the limitations of the web: inability to use many textures (due to weight and therefore loading time), visual effects severely limited by WebGL, geometries of objects limited by weight, etc.
We then decided to build a brand new game that would be more in line with our initial expectations, would be available on mobile and virtual reality headsets, and would leave us free to realize the graphics and gameplay we wanted, without all the constraints of a web game. Our new VirtualSociety game is now developed with Unreal Engine.

VirtualSociety has thus strongly evolved over the years. Here are some pictures of the emblematic versions of the game.

version 0.2.8
VirtualSociety Online
In 2014
version 0.9.4
VirtualSociety Online
In 2020
version 1.0.6
VirtualSociety Online
Early 2021
version 1.0.6
Late 2021

During all these years, many people have supported the development of the game. We warmly thank Nicolas Blin, who drew many objects for VirtualSociety Online at the time of the 2D version with the integrated tool of the game IsoBuilder, Jean-Marc Debicky who realized several sound effects of VirtualSociety Online. Last but not least, we owe a lot to JodieDreams, who supported the project since the beginning, for her kindness, her unfailing support and all the good mood she brought us.