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#26 Des fleurs et un personnage qui commence à bouger
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#26 Flowers and a Moving Character

Hello team! Today, Nico is here to tell you about our week. We all continued to make progress in our respective domains, and we will be reunited in Nancy again next week!

Walls, Grass, and Flowers

This week, Mélissa tackled the landscape and revamped the grass, flowers, and various types of outdoor terrain (rock, soil, grass, and road). Subsequently, she began revising the textures of exterior walls and creating her first functional doors and windows that work with the game editor!

A Moving Character

Paul continued work on the new character and managed to rig it with a skeleton, allowing us to start animating it. This is a delicate step that requires defining how each bone affects different parts of the character, ensuring that everything appears natural with various possible movements.

Fashion Parade in the Making

Chloé prepared a few mood boards for the game's future logos, and we all discussed them during our weekly meeting. She's also starting to brainstorm the clothing for the future player: she will propose clothing concepts, Paul will handle the modeling, and Mélissa will take care of their textures – a true team effort!

Multiplayer Progress

Jimmy continued his work on the multiplayer aspect. The creation and editing of walls are now synchronized, and all players connected to a world can see real-time edits. There's still a bit of work left for all editing tools to function in multiplayer, but overall, things are progressing well!

Game Design Challenges

Clélie delved into several game design challenges, such as the object cost system in the editing mode. In a world where everyone can add and remove objects, it wouldn't make sense to spend money to place a piece of furniture and regain money when removing it, for instance. Conversely, in other worlds, players could buy/sell land, only build on their own land, and furniture prices could work differently. Different systems need to be defined to anticipate a variety of scenarios.

Bringing It All Together

Lastly, I continued to enhance the building editor, fixing bugs, streamlining tool usability, and considering the game design and UX choices made by Clélie and Jimmy. Alongside this, I'm gradually integrating Mélissa's work, as she's replacing our old objects and textures with her own. In the upcoming weeks, I'll also be able to incorporate the new character designed by Paul and enhance the appearance editor to include all the new options!

Thanks for your support, and see you next week!

Image Written by Nicolas Gauville on 08/25/2023

Co-founder of VirtualSociety - PhD in Computer Science
Founder of the VirtualSociety project, and is in charge of the development and communication of VirtualSociety
After a PhD in autonomous robotics at Safran Electronics & Defense, Nicolas started a video game studio with Jimmy Etienne.

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