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#25 Décors extérieur, personnages et édition multi
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#25 Environment props, character and tools

Hey folks!

This week, it's Jimmy taking care of the review  !
Big updates this week: the character just got the green light, new assets are in, more advanced settings for objects, and the groundwork for multiplayer editing is in the works.

 Guess who: Character details coming together

Paul fearlessly dives into the retopology phase, a crucial moment in modeling where every edge of the model is finely tuned to ensure smooth and realistic movements once animated. It also means the character's basic shape is approved by the whole team! (Can't wait to play with it !!!)

 A good environment

Meanwhile, Melissa keeps bringing life to the outdoors by modeling new stuff like benches, balloons, and grass. Once she finishes an object, she passes the baton to Nico, who excitedly integrates them to see the whole thing shaping up. (Honestly, if I could also add physics to 500 traffic cones and make the character jump in, I'd do it enthusiastically too ^^).

 Physics rolling smoothly

At the same time, Nico has pushed the boundaries of the world editor, now offering a bunch of new options for object customization. Cool features like applying physics to objects and gravity are just a click away now! (Luckily, I'm not in charge of this, physics is so fuuuuuun I couldn't stop playing!)

 When tools don't play nice

On my end, I'm racking my brain to create a strong, flexible code architecture that allows collaborative multiplayer world editing. My endgame? Providing you a seamless simultaneous editing experience, with the ability to undo/redo changes. This way, we can all confidently edit worlds while experimenting creatively.

Thanks for all your support, and catch you next week!

Image Written by Jimmy Etienne on 08/18/2023

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