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#24 Des lits, des personnages, et du multijoueur !
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#24 Beds, characters, and multiplayer !

Hello there! I'm Paul, and I've been working on character design for VirtualSociety for some time now! And today, it's my turn to write this weekly review!

There have been quite a few updates since last week, starting with Mélissa, who has been working on creating room props in recent days, especially beds! She came up with a lot of different shapes and styles, and I love the visual appeal of her objects! Although I must admit, I'm not a big fan of the mattress under the bed... But the bug should be fixed soon (otherwise, it might be a bit painful on the back)!

As for Clélie, she's restructuring and adding to the Game Design Document, which provides a precise idea of the game's future features and elements. It's like a specification document, it gathers all the important information of the game like its different mechanics or non-player character behaviors! She's trying to organize all the ideas into a cleaner format, so that we can all use the document.

Nicolas has also made many additions to the game's editing mode, such as saving the different objects placed in the map, their colors, as well as several improvements in the wall editor! By stacking Mélissa's beds, you can now create and save some magnificent 100% sleep skyscrapers!

On his end, Jimmy has spent several dedicated hours on his computer improving the game's multiplayer! We can now goof around together on it (just need to find some bed-skyscrapers enthusiasts to join me)! Some bugs and other issues still need to be sorted out, but it shouldn't take too long.

As for me, I've just finished the 3D model of the future character! The shape seems to appeal to all the other team members (and particularly Nico, I believe). A clean and suitable model for this character should be finished in the next few days, with maybe a few visuals for the next review.

Thanks for all your support, and see you next week!

Image Written by Paul Loisil on 08/11/2023

Little wild fox, in charge of character design for Virtual Society while waiting to tinker with its code xP.

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