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#23 L'arrivée de Mélissa
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#23 Melissa's Arrival

Hi folks! I am Mélissa, and I work on the artistic direction and environment of VirtualSociety. I am delighted to share my feelings about last week with you. I am often in Bordeaux, and a few days ago, I had the opportunity to meet the entire team in person in Nancy.

I finally got to meet Jimmy, Nicolas, Clélie, Chloé, and Paul, and we started the week with an onsite visit. I discovered the communication, catering, and management teams at Inria, and everyone welcomed me with a big smile. I immediately felt the warm, friendly, and joyful atmosphere at Inria.

We had our first meeting with the whole team and were able to discuss many points. It was very pleasant to have easy discussions about the characters with Paul and Chloé, to talk about technical constraints for the 3D, and more. This week led to significant progress in the graphics department, especially concerning the characters.

Not only were we able to clarify many points, but it was also an opportunity to get to know each other. After work, we participated in various activities, such as a virtual reality Escape Game, numerous board game sessions, and a show of images and sounds at Place Stanislas (it was magnificent). We also had a guided tour of Nancy with our wonderful guide, Clélie. These activities helped break the ice and strengthen the bonds among the members of this fantastic small-sized team.


In conclusion, this week, I met people who are not only wonderful professionally but also personally. I am thrilled to be part of this fabulous team, and I look forward to new adventures soon.

Image Written by Melissa Argueil on 08/4/2023

I like music, reading, cinema and video games. What I prefer in video games are the environments (especially in 3D) which, combined with good music and pretty lights, can transmit strong emotions. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree as Head of graphic and visual creation and production and passionate about 3D environment, I put my skills at the service of VirtualSociety's artistic direction

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