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Revue de la semaine #21
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Weekly review #21

Hey folks ! This week, we've been working on the game's art direction, as well as multiplayer and quest/dialogue editing. Let's tell you all about it!

Art Direction

Over the past few weeks, Chloé and Mélissa have been working on the art direction, proposing mood boards, and we've had several meetings to discuss the direction to take. We had many choices to make, such as the level of realism in the game, object proportions, and more. We still have some work ahead, like defining the level of detail we want for the in-game characters.

This week, Mélissa started modeling and painting a diorama to test out the artistic choices, and we can't wait to share with you what the game will look like! In the meantime, in the article's image, we're sharing one of the first objects Mélissa worked on to define the art direction.

Networking and Multiplayer

On the coding front, Jimmy has been busy with networking and multiplayer management. In recent weeks, we were able to run our first multiplayer tests with Unreal, and now Jimmy is integrating various social functions within the game to enable easier and faster communication.

Quests and Dialogues

Lastly, Clélie is working on quest and dialogue editing tools, and Nico is preparing their integration into the game, making it easy to modify everything while providing a system that allows players to have as much freedom as possible while offering a user-friendly tool.

Thanks for your support, and see you next week!

Image Written by Nicolas Gauville on 07/21/2023

Co-founder of VirtualSociety - PhD in Computer Science
Founder of the VirtualSociety project, and is in charge of the development and communication of VirtualSociety
After a PhD in autonomous robotics at Safran Electronics & Defense, Nicolas started a video game studio with Jimmy Etienne.

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