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Revue de la semaine #20
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Weekly review #20

Hey folks! After a few weeks of being less consistent with our weekly reviews (we were busy preparing various funding applications, which didn't provide much interesting content to share), we have some good news to announce this week!

Finally, a studio: Cats and Foxes

Since joining the Inria Startup Studio, we've been trying to come up with a name for our studio. As it has been 8 months now, you can easily imagine how difficult it was for us to find a name! But today, we can finally say that our studio will be called Cats and Foxes!

And that's not all, we have started building the studio's website, and you can check it out here:

 The team is growing!

The team is finally expanding, and it's about time because since the project's launch, we still didn't have a 2D/3D artist on the team. Up until now, Jimmy and Nicolas have been handling the graphics, but it's not their area of expertise, and the results didn't meet their expectations. Luckily, three people are joining us and should greatly support us in these areas!


Melissa has joined the team full-time starting this Monday and will work with us on the artistic direction of VirtualSociety and the game environment. We have started defining the game's artistic direction, and we should have some exciting things to show you in the coming weeks!


Chloé cannot join the team full-time yet, but she will assist us, like Clélie, in her free time. She will provide advice on the project's artistic direction and will work on illustrations as well as character animations.


Paul will join the team in two weeks and will work on the game's characters and their customization features (body type, facial features, etc.).

By going from 3 to 6 people (and from 2 to 4 people working full-time!), we will be able to progress much faster and, finally, have a proper artistic direction! We are also thrilled to have a studio name at last :)

Thank you for your support, and see you next week!

Image Written by Nicolas Gauville on 07/14/2023

Co-founder of VirtualSociety - PhD in Computer Science
Founder of the VirtualSociety project, and is in charge of the development and communication of VirtualSociety
After a PhD in autonomous robotics at Safran Electronics & Defense, Nicolas started a video game studio with Jimmy Etienne.

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skylostt commented
Ce nom de studio annonce le début d'une grande aventure, je l'espère :)
2 months ago
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