Revue de la semaine #1
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Weekly review #1

This week, we wanted to better inform you about our progress, and we added a weekly update category to our devblog, to make quick articles about our progress, and here is the first one !
We worked together on three points:

 Design of the main world

We met to brainstorm on the structure of the city that will be the main multiplayer world of the game (the one we will provide at release). Clélie worked on how to integrate different game mechanics and movement modes in the city, include enough verticality in the landscapes, etc.

In the last few weeks, we had created a moodboard together to gather the different styles we like for the future city, and Florian started to draw different visual elements. You can see in the image of the article a first glimpse of our work to try to define the visual style of the future city.

 Website and new roadmap!

We have been thinking about how to better communicate with you, especially by updating our homepage to better describe the future game, and by bringing back the devblog.

To better share our progress, we are also making part of our roadmap public! It's based on our GameDesign document, and we'll be adding to it as we go along so that it's more detailed and keeps up with our progress.

 Network and multiplayer

Finally, Jimmy and Nico worked on multiplayer and networking. This week, we had several difficulties with macOS, on which our C++ implementation of Socket.IO does not work properly. Jimmy spent many (very very) long hours looking for the differences between Windows and macOS ...

See you next week!