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Art Direction: Customizable "Hand-Painted" Effect!

Hi folks! When I joined the VirtualSociety team, one of my first tasks was to redefine the game's art direction. Today, I'm going to show you how I arrived at the current art direction. Before choosing an art direction, we need intentions: what we want to convey through VirtualSociety's graphics, the emotions we want to evoke in the player.
Image Written by Melissa Argueil on 09/12/2023

I like music, reading, cinema and video games. What I prefer in video games are the environments (especially in 3D) which, combined with good music and pretty lights, can transmit strong emotions. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree as Head of graphic and visual creation and production and passionate about 3D environment, I put my skills at the service of VirtualSociety's artistic direction

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