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Revue de la semaine #18
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Weekly review #18

Hey folks! After weeks filled with events (starting with F101 in Lyon, then the Indie Game Night in Strasbourg, followed by the SpringCamp in Lyon again), we are now moving on to the "Foire Expo de Nancy", where we had a booth with France Bleu yesterday, a French radio station, and we will have a booth with the city of Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy thanks to Pandor Concept this weekend!

Exhibit Fair of Nancy, France

This week, we had the opportunity to present VirtualSociety and Inria Startup Studio at the France Bleu booth on Thursday afternoon, thanks to France Bleu's invitation and the connection made by the Inria communication team. And this weekend, we will have our own booth thanks to Pandor Concept, the city of Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, and once again, the Inria Nancy communication team.

Just like at the science fair, we let visitors test VirtualSociety and Running Guys, and we organized various workshops on game development. Clelie also offered a quiz about "dark patterns" in video games.

Funding and finances

We have also filled out and started submitting new funding applications for the creation of our studio. All of this took a lot of time, and we specifically refined our financial projections to clearly establish the funding we will need to operate our future company until the release of VirtualSociety.


A few weeks ago, we were able to recruit a freelance to assist us with character creation, and it's progressing well! This summer, another person should be joining us to help with this aspect as well, and he will be working with us at Inria :)

Thank you for your support, and see you next week!

Image Written by Jimmy Etienne on 06/2/2023

Co-founder of VirtualSociety, PhD in Computer Science
I'm quite curious by nature, and I like pretty much everything, except spiders, heights, confined spaces... Well, I don't like everything, but programming, singing (mostly in the shower), and taking walks, those I definitely love. In the team, I handle development, UX, and also the financial aspects.

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