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Revue de la semaine #7
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Weekly review #7

Hi folks! This week, Clélie tells you about our progression in the design of the main world, we joined the Incubateur Lorrain and the Peel, and we are working on the editor!

Design of the main world

This week we had a meeting to discuss the general layout of the adventure mode map. During this meeting, we sketched out the city by dividing up the major points of interest and defining its major areas and their architectural identity. Clelie considered several key criteria in designing the map, including the city's traffic patterns for different types of locomotion that will allow players to easily access the major game areas, but also leave room for smaller, off-the-beaten-path areas to reward explorers. She also drew inspiration from the local towns in the area, as well as from Prague and Luxembourg City, to incorporate verticality into the city, creating some lovely vistas and plenty of opportunities for exploration.

We join the Incubateur Lorrain and the Peel

Last week, we made an appointment with the Incubateur Lorrain to introduce ourselves and learn a little more about what they can provide in terms of guidance and support. After a very nice meeting, they advised us to go to the selection committee the following week (this Tuesday), which meant that we had to do the application in a very short time, and have less than a week to prepare our 20 minutes pitch in front of the 30 (or so) Incubator judges.

Shortly after our presentation to the selection committee, we got a positive answer, and we are now mentored by the Incubateur Lorrain, in addition to Peel and the Inria Startup Studio. These three mentorships are complementary and allow us to have access to different formations and networks of contacts. In fact, we had our first course from the Incubateur Lorrain this Thursday, on business models.

We are very happy to benefit from these two additional accompaniments which will help us, we hope, to make a wonderful game studio! 

Progress of the world editor

Beyond the many meetings, committees and brief preparation, we were still able to make some progress on the VirtualSociety location editor. Over the next few weeks, we will show you a particular feature each week with a short video, we can't wait to show you all that!

Thanks for your support, and see you next week!

Image Written by Clélie Amiot on 03/10/2023

PhD student in computer science - Lead Game Designer
Clélie is currently working on her thesis on chatbots. She is in charge of the GameDesign of VirtualSociety

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