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Our new logo

Hi folks! It's been a while now that the old team, consisting only of Jimmy, Nico, and Clélie, has been thinking about refreshing the game's image. Indeed, without graphic designers, it's challenging to adhere to a well-defined artistic direction and stick to it. Since my arrival, and especially with the arrival of Melissa, this artistic direction has been found. However, we were still missing something: the game's showcase. The old Virtual Society logo no longer matched the art direction. So, we decided that it was essential to create a new one. Currently having a role as an illustrator/designer in the studio, I offered to take on this task, and I'll explain here how I went about it.
Image Written by Chloé Matina on 09/27/2023

Graduated with a Bachelor of Modern Literature, Chloé decided to follow her dreams and do a Bachelor in 2D and 3D animation cinema, at E-artsup Montpellier.
Thanks to this training, she was able to acquire new skills, particularly in animation and illustration, which she now uses for Virtual Society.

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