Currently, we are mainly two developers: Nicolas Gauville and Jimmy Etienne. We are in charge of most of the development (C++ code, website, 3D objects, animations, textures, sounds, etc). We hope to expand the team over time, especially for an additional 3D graphic designer, a musician and a sound designer (see our team page) !

If you have any ideas for the game, don't hesitate to come and talk with us on our Discord or on one of our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages! We already have a long game-design document for the game, but nothing is set in stone, and any suggestion is welcome!

Developing a video game like VirtualSociety requires a lot of time and money, so a small donation on Patreon really improves our working conditions on the game, and on top of that, being a Patreon donator gives you access to benefits!

Finally, sharing our posts on social networks is always useful to let more people discover VirtualSociety!