VirtualSociety is a social and creative simulation game

We are currently 3 independent developers and we create the game VirtualSociety. Before telling you more about us, let's start by introducing the game itself!

Main features

.. Create your own world
In VirtualSociety, you can create your own world, from terraforming to decorating your house and even building an entire city.
.. Alone or with friends
Create and join worlds locally or on a public or private server, the choice is yours. You can also restrict access to your worlds, only for you, some of your friends to build together, or open to all players!
.. Great adventures
Skateboarding, cooking, water gun fights or space travels, great adventures await you! Two game modes are available by default: life simulation and adventure. If you prefer to manage several characters like a "dollhouse", the life simulation is for you. If you prefer to control a character and be able to jump, climb, and explore different worlds, discover the adventure mode!
.. An avatar that suits you
Morphologies, genders, skin colors, disabilities or clothing style, everything is possible. Our clothing editor allows customization of textures, colors and sizes. Our characters can also use crutches, wheelchair or cane.
.. Bring your stories to life
Write your own quests, characters and dialogues to bring your world to life. VirtualSociety comes with a quest and dialog editor. In player-created worlds, everything can be changed to create the games and adventures you want!
.. Explore our worlds
Travel through portals from fantasy to contemporary worlds. In addition to a vast and extensive item collection, an infinite number of universes and themes are possible thanks to a mods/plugins system to add new items, clothes, interface themes, interactions, etc.!

If you want to learn more about us, don't hesitate to have a look at our website!

You can wishlist VirtualSociety on Steam here!

Our team

Nico always dreamed of creating a multiplayer adventure and life simulation game, where players could create their own world, develop a society according to their own rules and live there with friends. For 9 years, Nico developed a 2D browser-based version of his project alone.
During the first confinement, Jimmy joined him, and convinced him to start again his project in 3D, and after a year and a half of efforts, VirtualSociety Online was ready! This version was the result of many constraints in order to make a free and accessible game on browser. The graphics have been simplified to the maximum in order to make a game which weight hardly reached 16 Mb !

After defending our PhDs, we decided to create our own video game studio on a full-time basis, and to start over and totally rethink the VirtualSociety project! Clélie then joined the team to help us with the game design of the project, and we are now a team of 3!


Our values

Beyond the many reasons that make us fans of video games, we want to create a game that respects our values and is consistent with our vision of what a game should be. We are therefore committed to several points:

positive and friendly Positive and friendly
Loneliness is a real problem that social networks do not address. By promoting positive interactions and kindness, we want to help break the vicious circle of isolation and loneliness. To do so, VirtualSociety has been designed to promote positive social interactions and reward kindness and cooperation.
inclusive An inclusive world
Diversity is everywhere in our world, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to represent their specificities. We also make sure that the game is as accessible as possible, with typography for dyslexics and color settings for color blind people.
educational Educational and fun
Learning is always easier when you have fun. Our creative tools and interactive worlds in VirtualSociety are both educational and fun. VirtualSociety includes a visual code editor to script new interactions, quests and dialogues!
safe for everyone A safe place for everyone
The protection of the kids is a fundamental issue. VirtualSociety is designed to protect them from inappropriate contacts or interactions. To do so, children's accounts are restricted to a set of predefined interactions with unknown players (no direct voice or text chat). Parents can also limit screen time via our parental control panel.

Why Patreon ?

When we decided to start VirtualSociety again, we decided to work full time on the project so that we could make a quality project, and make VirtualSociety no longer a personal project. Designing a quality video game requires a lot of different skills (development, 2D drawing, 3D modeling, music, game design), and is therefore a very expensive activity. We still lack several skills in our team, including 3D modeling, animations, sound design and music. To be able to go through to the end of our project, we will need money!

Patreon seems to us to be the proper platform to organize a crowdfunding, as it allows you to participate financially in the project, while having different rewards, from more detailed information about our studio, our progress on the game and behind the scenes, to a real participation in the game design by voting in our polls or by being able to propose your own character of the game with several quests and dialogues.

Another solution would have been to work with a game publisher, but this would also mean losing a certain autonomy in our decisions, and remaining independent is essential for us, especially to stay in line with our values as stated above, as well as to keep the artistic control of our creations. Creating video games is a passion, and we want to keep the magic that it involves, even while practicing this professionally.


We have tried to propose different Patreon tiers so that everyone can support us according to their budget, and offer different rewards according to your involvement. In addition to the different goodies (stickers, t-shirts and hoodies), we offer you

  • For all contributors:
    • A set of exclusive VirtualSociety t-shirt in game
    • Full devblog and Patreon posts access
    • Work-in-progress channel on our Discord
    • A set of high resolution wallpapers
    • Your name in the credits (in your tier group)
    • A role on our Discord (depending on your tier)
  • For Travelers and above
    • A set of exclusive VirtualSociety t-shirt and hoodies in game
    • Weekly Q&A sessions with the devteam on our Discord
    • Your character will have the title Traveler (or your tier if above) in game on multiplayer servers
    • Emojis on our Discord
    • Access to the game's beta (after 3 months, once the game is advanced enough for the closed beta)
  • For Adventurer and above
    • A set of exclusive VirtualSociety t-shirt, hoodies and bags in game
    • We add an NPC based on your image that can appear randomly in the game
    • Access to the game's beta (once the game is advanced enough for the closed beta)
    • Access to game development polls on Patreon
  • For Heroes
    • We add an NPC based on your image with quests
    • You can add one dialogue or interaction to your NPC each 3 months
    • A set of exclusive VirtualSociety t-shirt, hoodies, bags and objects in game
    • Access to the game's beta (once the game is advanced enough for the closed beta)

Message pour les francophones

VirtualSociety est un jeu français, développé par trois Nancéiens. Pour obtenir plus de visibilité, notre communication sur Patreon se fait en anglais, et nos comptes sur les réseaux sociaux ont tous une version française et une version anglaise. Pour les articles diffusés sur Patreon, une version équivalente est toujours publiée en même temps sur notre site en français.

Pour les articles réservés au Patreon, assure-toi d'avoir le même pseudo ou email sur Patreon et sur notre site pour obtenir l'accès aux articles du devblog réservés aux donateurs Patreon depuis notre site (en version française), et n'hésite pas à nous contacter si besoin.

Thank you !