avatar Nico Nicolas Gauville (Nico)
Founder of VirtualSociety and lead developer of the game and website. Currently a PhD student in autonomous robotics.
avatar JuDePom Jimmy Etienne (JuDePom)
3D graphic designer, 3d animator, server developer (multiplayer), 2D graphic designer (game icons). Currently a PhD student in curved printing.


2d graphics and gamedesign

avatar Solene Solène Gorszczyk
Multi-media and print graphic designer. Currently freelance, I work on various design projects.
avatar ClélieClélie Amiot
Gamedesign. Currently working on a PhD on trust in human/catbot collaboration.



avatar Mozillax Mozillax
Long time beta tester and moderator of the game.
avatar Skylostt Skylostt
Long-time beta tester and moderator of the game. Translations. Discord management.


Helping hands

avatar JodieDreams JodieDreams
Promoter of the game since its beginnings, Jodie started to support the project from the beginning of the 2D version of the game.
avatar Furwaz Furwaz
3d graphic designer and casual animator.