Gameplay et activités
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Gameplay and activities

The next version of VirtualSociety will be cross-platform, including desktop, phone, and virtual reality headsets. Obviously, we will have to adapt the gameplay to each platform to make the game fun and enjoyable on all of them. Whether drawing a tag on a wall, digging for treasure, or building a new house, everything will have to be adapted to the different platforms.

Thus, many activities will not be usable in the same way, depending on the platform you play. For example, it will be possible to move around on foot, in a wheelchair, on crutches, with a cane, by bike, car, rollerblades, or skateboard. On PC and mobile, these movements are controlled with a third-person view, with the keyboard on the computer and the tactile joystick on the phone. A first or third-person view would quickly give nausea on a virtual reality headset and must be thought differently.

On the other hand, some actions are particularly adapted to gameplay on a virtual reality headset, like playing ping-pong. Some skills, like cooking, also become infinitely more immersive. You can open drawers or the refrigerator with your own hands, cut and assemble ingredients, etc.